How Jose Fernandez Deserves to be Remembered

I’ll be the first sports fan to be frustrated with an owner or manager who is not honest with the media. People who are dedicated to their sports teams have an absolute right to know what is going on. No beating around the bush- tell me straight if our ace needs Tommy John surgery. Tell me straight if you won’t be calling up that prospect until August.

However, when it comes to real issues that affect people’s lives, leave out the details.

The death of Jose Fernandez has left the baseball world mourning. It was heartbreaking news to so many at its onset. Since then, we remain brokenhearted at the disregard for loss of life painted by headlines that attribute the deaths to Fernandez’s potential substance abuse on that night.

It is no right of the public to have any information regarding the boat crash that may lead to the misconception that Fernandez was anything short of a fantastic man.

The fact is that we lost three young men on that night to things that young people often find themselves involved with. It is a tragic loss of life that while preventable, does not warrant attribution of blame.

Jose Fernandez was truly incredible.  He was so vibrant and passionate. He was one of the few who  played the game purely out of love; never mind the fact that he was wildly talented. He deserves to be remembered for his excellence on and off the diamond, and not some headline that links him to drugs or alcohol. Those who love him have certainly suffered enough.




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