Mourinho Out As Chelsea Boss

Well for many Chelsea fans, a page has turned!  After delivering the club an unprecedented 5th Premier League Title, the Chelsea boss was let go after a horrible start to the season.  The Blues currently sit in 14th place and have found themselves standing just above the relegation line in the Premier League.

Mourinho himself has had a storied managerial career that has led him through some of the world’s biggest clubs including: Chelsea, Inter Milan, Porto and Real Madrid.  Many of his players consider him to be one of the greatest managers of all-time and the best of his generation of bosses.  During his most recent tenure with Chelsea, he boasted an unheard of 80 wins  and 27 losses along with 29 draws.

He has also brought home quite a large sum of hardware for each of the respective clubs he manned the sidelines for including: 8 league titles, 11 national cups, 1 Europa league win and 2 Champions League titles.  Mourinho also holds some of the longest home winning streaks of any soccer manager in which he did not lose a game from February 2002 to April 2011.

Many teams are involved in the paper chase to possibly land Mourinho.   Manchester United, Bayern Munich, and the MLS have all been tied with Mourinho.  This transfer window will be very intriguing to watch, and this offseason can provide some fireworks depending on where Jose decides to take his talents to.  Either way, there will be no shortage of headline worthy news coming out of Mourinho camp for some time.

As for his replacement at Chelsea, Guus Hiddink has been named the interim manager for Chelsea.  During his short time as the manager of Chelsea, Hiddink has managed to keep the Blues afloat and they have been holding at 14th.  However, with news around Mourinho swirling, it’s only a matter of time before he potentially ends up on the other side of the pitch at Stamford Bridge.


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